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by Puppy Soul

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Tapes (limited!) available through Pacific Nature Recordings!


released November 15, 2016

Trevor Magana plays guitar, sings
Jon Modell plays drums, records, mixes



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Puppy Soul California

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Track Name: Made My Mark
Got another man's fate all tucked away,
impossible to say which explanation I could give you

Contemplating how to meet you,
speak a language that'll suit you.
I tripped and fell into the future,
scraped my elbow
made some money
bought a bandaid -
wasn't big enough.
Just a little blood.

Made my mark,
made my maker tear up targets meant to guide me.
Expect nothing,
please and thank you.
Track Name: Floating
It's always been this way,
and it's always had to change
plenty of times -
but not enough to rush anything.

Pockets of air, wrapped in cellophane -
I've gone insane.
Two times the charm
Just a leg and an arm -
All it takes to balance.

I'm feeling
I remember this feeling.
Track Name: Hello to You
Listen to another one,
listen to your lungs give up
all the stars, and all the people
who said hello to you.

Can't just objectify your simple mind.
Tame a thought, don't be shy.

A lie
a lie
a lie
a lie
I told you
You are still alive, and older too.
Track Name: Half the Time
The first thing I remember -
just my bed, and I'm still sleeping.
Not quite dreaming
I can't tell you what I'm thinking.
Trust aside,
I've done quite well.

Give me half your best intentions -
wonder why I'm feeling restless.
Couldn't tell you how many hours might go by,
before you close one eye
and see the end
in half the time.
Track Name: Words
I think I'm falling into
another person
and you,
not so sure how you feel.
Another day passing through,
still not close enough.

Your insightful lust,
somehow not enough.

In your words.

I'm in your words.